Steve Erickson biography

While working as a successful public relations executive in Atlanta, New York City and Washington DC, Steve Erickson always had a passion for writing and performing acoustic music in his spare time.  He has a broad base of musical influences that had been percolating for years before he took the songwriting plunge. He recalls, "I was thinking about writing songs long before I actually wrote them down; I didn't know if they would be good enough.  Well, I got over that and the songs just started to flow"  Erickson's songs have been described as "well crafted" and his live shows described as "high energy" and "connecting directly with the audience."

In Atlanta, he was writing and playing in local bands Truth in Advertising, Dark Horse  and the Remnants.  In Washington DC, he joined fellow singer/songwriter Nick Peters for an eight-year run as the duo, Medium Gauge, combining original songs from both performers with an unexpected selection of covers.  Erickson now lives in Asheville, North Carolina and Vero Beach, Florida.

In 2012, Erickson recorded his debut album, It's About Time.  Produced by John Krause and recorded at Cue Studios in Falls Church, Virginia, the album features an eclectic mix of acoustic music. Erickson's brand of singer/songwriter storytelling displays a pop sensibility that is grounded in country, blues and folk influences.  From the rollicking title track It's About Time to the Caribbean-influenced One Port Ahead of the Storm to the mournful ballad River, the songs are not easily pegged to a particular genre.

Erickson's follow-up release in 2016 was Music Tonight.  Produced by Jim Robeson and recorded at Bias Studios in Springfield, Virginia, the sophomore effort continued his wide-ranging approach to an Americana style of music.  Top studio musicians provided strong support for Erickson's moving tunes and vivid storytelling.  Country influences can be found in the songs Friends and No Expectations, and toe-tapping shuffle rhythms influence the title track, Music Tonight and the bluesy Midnight Potomac Ride. Erickson's lyrical ability also deepens on this album, particularly in the ballads Sing That Old Song and Wind Across the Jetty.

New for 2019 is Erickson's third release, Moving On.  He teams up again with producer Jim Robeson, recording at The Bar in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  This third effort shows Erickson's maturing talent across multiple musical genres and lyrical styles.  The result is engaging music and compelling stories of life's transitions.  The pop-influenced title track presents a series of stories about Moving On while Long Day Tonight gives insights into the lives of those working on the night shift. Erickson's southern roots influence the three-quarter time Low Country Girl and he ventures into swing and boogie-woogie for the upbeat Sweet and Fine. The album's final track is a unique and haunting cover of the traditional Wayfaring Stranger.

Released in 2024, Erickson’s fourth album, Crooked Road, is influenced by his study of Appalachian music and continues his partnership with producer Jim Robeson.   The title track tells the story of a 300- mile music heritage trail in Southwest Virginia that celebrates the region’s old time and bluegrass music traditions.  This thematic approach continues with Erickson originals Lay Me Down Beside My Love and the traditional tunes Fair and Tender Ladies and In The Sweet By and By.  The album features folk and Americana tunes like the upbeat Perfect Day and Find a Light as well as the more somber Flipside and We Don’t Love Us anymore.  Great musicians and a wide variety of acoustic instruments play a prominent role on the album.